Love these days…….

Love is something inevitable that no one can escape from. It only has different forms, different styles and different means to express.

As my wandering soul takes me to the mountains, i encounter lovers of all kinds during these travel journeys. Trying to post here some of my captures of two souls in Love. My collection herein features random people i have met in my journeys while backpacking across North India, mainly in the beautiful hills of Manali and Mussorie.

Eat your Heart out!

Eat your Heart out 🙂 A couple shot in a cafe in Manali. Sometimes food binds the stomach, heart and Soul together 🙂

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Memoirs of Thailand.

Its been a long wait. And the beginning of a long awaited journey can only be sweetened by its very experience. A place I had always dreamt of going to someday .To soak in the sun, splash in the water, play in the sand, merry amongst its people.

Amazing Thailand, Such an enriching experience .

Rich cultural extravaganza of myriad colors, beautiful people ,exquisite food, breathtaking sceneries ,unlimited fun.Its like a small paradise on earth.

Be it the clean green beaches enticing people of all ages, the romantic moonlit walks by the shacks, a drink or two in the beach facing shacks, dancing in the  ultra modern pubs till the wee hours of morning, the ever busy shopping hubs, or as a matter- of- fact meeting a whole lot of Indians everywhere 🙂 .Thailand would create an ever lasting impression on anyone.Image

One of all-time favorite tourist attractions is the mesmerizing Phi Phi island where the green waters take your breath away . You get swayed away by the breeze, the water sweeps you off your feet literally. The fishes welcome you everywhere, nibbling at your feet and generously gulping all the fish food fed to them by the visitors to their wonderful country. The vibrant fishes not only present a picturesque ambience but also fulfill your heart with unmatched delight.  The adventurous can have a lifetime of fun memories with the water sports activities around the beaches.  Snorkeling, cliff diving, scuba diving , banana boat rides, surfing being some of the popular activities.We had missed Para-sailing on the beaches when we went. Next time, that would be surely on my to-do-checklist.

Phuket is a mixture of tranquility and fun. A long stroll on the beach upfront, the curved roads along the coastline, the strong winds on the sea shore, the dimly lit shacks on the beach, the gaga pubs in the crooked streets- one can choose one’s  favorite spot as per his/her taste.An evening eating out in the finest restaurants or gobbling on street food with live bands on the streets- it offers a platter of colorful choices. From happening nightlife (Read: Bangla road 😀 ) to real boxing fights one can have exciting and well spent evenings there.


Bangkok, on the other hand is truly called the City of Life. The city never sleeps and you can rejoice in its fanfare through the numerous hangouts at major roads, the vibrating nightlife, the wonderful rooftop bars and lounges and the ever jam-packed shopping markets. Culturally rich, the various temples are an exquisite sight to behold. The rich heritage is evident in the gorgeous traditional architectures of the palaces and temples.

The heritage is well preserved and an aura of faith overpowers one when you enter a sacred temple and bow your head to the reigning almighty, Lord Buddha. The monks, the prayer houses, the aroma of the incense’s-the whole experience is truly inspiring to ones soul. The grand décor and environment uplifts your soul and mind.Image

Another major attraction are the traditional floating markets which have been renovated and well maintained to give the modern people a peek at the past. Around a century back when roads were not built, the locals used to trade via small boats in the abundant waterways available in this beautiful country. A part of that tradition has been carried forward in these traditional floating markets which can be found on the outskirts of the city.


For people who love to shop and dine, Bangkok is THE city.  From traditional handicrafts to the richest gems in the world, from  the major high-end brands to the local markets, one can shop to ones  desire and pocket capacity. It is advised to check the authenticity of certain electronic products which can be bought at a comparatively low price after a good bargain.  When it comes to food, the best bet would be to taste the local flavors available at roadside stalls. The local “Singha” beer is quite a rage and a popular pick too. When in Thailand, seafood is a must for your taste buds and one can choose from various options available. Different kinds of fish, lobsters, crabs, oysters will fill your heart and stomach with delight.  The rooftop bars and lounges in the city would be suitable for a formal family dinner or   romanticizing in the moonlight while enjoying an awesome view of the city.

Thailand is truly a beautiful country.  The more you explore, the more you get attached with its rich and inspiring flavors.

As Rumi said-“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”  Thailand surely is an epitome to that.

I believe in the saying ‘To travel is to Live’. And life has just got more beautiful in this heavenly land.

“Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.”