White Lie

Kiss me tender
Came a whisper,
Lost was she in his embrace,
Soft murmurings across the lawn heard,
As the moonlight dazzled on her face.

Her musk made his heart skip,
Her smile piercing through it,
Sweeping aside her gentle curls, said he;
Leave me never, my love,
This I shall promise thee.

Time flew in a rush.
The night came to an end.
Their lips kissed for one last time
And she drove off the highway bend.

His thoughts kept coming back
Torturing her soul day and night;
Wondering where fate leads them
This was a love of a different kind.

Tossing and turning in his bed,
Staring at the ceiling high;
Restless was his mind, the heart grieving;
A glance at his wife in the far corner
Realizing how they had lost it all the way;
She was beautiful in his mind still today
The mother of his child to say;
Pity, his heart was so distant
Since that day, since the other night.

Torn between his love and duties,
He lay down and heaved a sigh;
Senses dimming, heart beats torn
Teardrops pouring down his eye.
Waiting , and wasting his life,
The hurt went on and on,
Living this life a white lie,
SHE stung his soul
With memories galore until it dies.



As I lay hurting,
As days pass silently,
The nights spent crying,
Those moments etched in my mind forever,
Feeling hurt and helpless;
I look upon the night sky
The stars that we looked upon
The roads travelled together
Walking hand-in-hand.

The wind now blows in a different direction
The memories fade away slowly,
The heartache still intense
The mind searching for answers—
Of all the questions unanswered
Of all the words unspoken
Of the touch unfelt
Of the heart unhealed.

The mind now drifts away
Living a soulless life,
The hands are tied up;
Agonies and memories
Pierces the heart like a knife.

As I lay another night
Watching the vast sky,
Waiting outside my door;
Footsteps I hear all along
But never they come to my door.

Clinging on to the faith I have
The light shines bright on the floor;
Awaiting miracles, Breathing Hope ;
At a time, Living one day more.

By your side..

Waking up by your side,

All I can feel is the warmth of your skin;

And those timeless moments

Makes me blush like a new coy bride.

My eyes are closed,

Footsteps ringing in my ear,

Fresh out of bath you come

I can feel heaven right here.

Fragrance of your cologne all around

Takes me to the meadows of my dreamland,

Daffodils and roses spread across lush green land

Let this dream never never end.

Alas, I wake up

Ready for the day ahead;

The heart longs for the night sky

The moons and the stars shimmering high;

To come back home where my heart is

Let time freeze here

The soul wishes this.


If Forever it is, it must be You.

Lost in time, as days passed by
Not a day failed
Not a sole moment left untouched ;
When the thoughts didn’t run through the mind
When the eyes didn’t gleam with images
When the heart desired none but you
When the senses lost its control truly;
If Forever it is, it must be You.

The thoughts linger on
Emotions fiddling through me
When would the paths entwine
Another day, yet another time;
Holding on to each other
Hear what the heart beats for
Of words unspoken, of love unfelt,
Of desires untold, of memories forever,
Of tales of faith, of ethereal happiness,
Until the end of time, undying.
Of Forever, and Ever.

If Forever it is, it must be You.


In front of the person you Love, your heart beats faster

In front of the person you like, you are happy.


In front of the person you Love, winter seems like spring

In front of the person you like, winter is just a beautiful winter


You look into the eyes of the one you Love, you blush

You look into the eyes of the one you like, you smile.


In front of the person you Love, you can’t say anything on your mind

In front of the person you like, you can!


You don’t look straight into the eyes of the one you Love, but you can always smile into the eyes of the one you like.


When the one you Love is crying, you cry with them

But when the one you like is crying, you end up comforting.


Feelings of Love starts from the eye


Feelings of like starts from the ear……


If you stop liking a person you used to like-all you need to do is just cover your ears;


If you try to close your eyes Love turns into drops of tear and remains in your heart    forever after……


When I Met You,

I thought this was it;

You came like a flash,

And blew me off my feet.


Remember the night,

When we first kissed;

Your touch,your warmth

Let the feeling stay,is all I just wished.


The memories remain,

Your fragrance lingers on,

The heart still flutters

The thoughts grow on.


And I sense a change,

A change is on the way,

So they say ,

Bringing  back the good old days.


The Rains start falling,

The Leaves are blowing;

The birds are singing,

The Wind is whispering.



The heart beats,

The smile beams;

The soul stirs, the face glows

From the corner of my eye,a tear flows.


Wishes unfold,Happiness stays;

You are here, Stay Forever;

Forever,the heart prays…..



An Ode to 60 days spent in Mumbai!!

Oh Mumbai!

                You make me run tirelessly,

                You make me sweat profusely;

                The heat scorches me,

                Peace & Sleep eludes me.

                Far from friends and family,

                LOVE  seems a distant dream;

                Why, Oh why,

                Are you still called the  “City of dreams”?

Oh Mumbai!

                You entice with your beaches,

                Colors of cream and peaches;

                People adore you,

                They Live you,

                Yet Time has lost its essence in you.


Oh Mumbai!

                No matter how hard I Try,

                You make my heart cry..

                I so do want To,

                But I cannot Love you…