By your side..

Waking up by your side,

All I can feel is the warmth of your skin;

And those timeless moments

Makes me blush like a new coy bride.

My eyes are closed,

Footsteps ringing in my ear,

Fresh out of bath you come

I can feel heaven right here.

Fragrance of your cologne all around

Takes me to the meadows of my dreamland,

Daffodils and roses spread across lush green land

Let this dream never never end.

Alas, I wake up

Ready for the day ahead;

The heart longs for the night sky

The moons and the stars shimmering high;

To come back home where my heart is

Let time freeze here

The soul wishes this.


Love these days…….

Love is something inevitable that no one can escape from. It only has different forms, different styles and different means to express.

As my wandering soul takes me to the mountains, i encounter lovers of all kinds during these travel journeys. Trying to post here some of my captures of two souls in Love. My collection herein features random people i have met in my journeys while backpacking across North India, mainly in the beautiful hills of Manali and Mussorie.

Eat your Heart out!

Eat your Heart out 🙂 A couple shot in a cafe in Manali. Sometimes food binds the stomach, heart and Soul together 🙂

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In front of the person you Love, your heart beats faster

In front of the person you like, you are happy.


In front of the person you Love, winter seems like spring

In front of the person you like, winter is just a beautiful winter


You look into the eyes of the one you Love, you blush

You look into the eyes of the one you like, you smile.


In front of the person you Love, you can’t say anything on your mind

In front of the person you like, you can!


You don’t look straight into the eyes of the one you Love, but you can always smile into the eyes of the one you like.


When the one you Love is crying, you cry with them

But when the one you like is crying, you end up comforting.


Feelings of Love starts from the eye


Feelings of like starts from the ear……


If you stop liking a person you used to like-all you need to do is just cover your ears;


If you try to close your eyes Love turns into drops of tear and remains in your heart    forever after……

Heart over Mind :)

Mine is a perfect example of a nut crack case!

Falling in Love, Draining in Love ,Breathing Love…..When the mind stops acting & reacting and the heart takes over…

Even the simplest of things seem to make you happy!

We were young and happy.The pockets were empty yet the hearts were full.  Those little things you did to make me happy. Those   bike rides all night long,getting lost in the middle of the road or when the petrol gets empty.The endless fights that followed on.Yes i wanted to be treated like a princess always! I still do…And yes you did it , just the way i liked.Surprising me with your kisses, making me a part of your celebrations,forcing me to see you play football (i never loved it till i saw you play it ) , the walks & the talks. Your protected arms always around me, your caring hands feeding me your mums breakfast,your eyes always constant on me. Those were some moments for me. Be it the drink sessions in the pub or the prayer sessions in the neighbourhood church.Life took a new meaning when you came ,stayed and was long gone!…..

So etched are the memories, so intense are those feelings…it refuses to leave all along…
After all these years, the heart still longs to meet you, share with you the life experiences, re live those moments again..

Know its too late, but whoever said that better late than never…Maybe one day….

The mind argues always-you have a new day ahead, a new life awaiting, a new somebody…Why then the Heart still treads a different path; a path unseen & unknown ,maybe even dangerous…

Why is it always Heart over Mind ??

Coz i know it will be always Heart over Mind :):)