White Lie

Kiss me tender
Came a whisper,
Lost was she in his embrace,
Soft murmurings across the lawn heard,
As the moonlight dazzled on her face.

Her musk made his heart skip,
Her smile piercing through it,
Sweeping aside her gentle curls, said he;
Leave me never, my love,
This I shall promise thee.

Time flew in a rush.
The night came to an end.
Their lips kissed for one last time
And she drove off the highway bend.

His thoughts kept coming back
Torturing her soul day and night;
Wondering where fate leads them
This was a love of a different kind.

Tossing and turning in his bed,
Staring at the ceiling high;
Restless was his mind, the heart grieving;
A glance at his wife in the far corner
Realizing how they had lost it all the way;
She was beautiful in his mind still today
The mother of his child to say;
Pity, his heart was so distant
Since that day, since the other night.

Torn between his love and duties,
He lay down and heaved a sigh;
Senses dimming, heart beats torn
Teardrops pouring down his eye.
Waiting , and wasting his life,
The hurt went on and on,
Living this life a white lie,
SHE stung his soul
With memories galore until it dies.



As I lay hurting,
As days pass silently,
The nights spent crying,
Those moments etched in my mind forever,
Feeling hurt and helpless;
I look upon the night sky
The stars that we looked upon
The roads travelled together
Walking hand-in-hand.

The wind now blows in a different direction
The memories fade away slowly,
The heartache still intense
The mind searching for answers—
Of all the questions unanswered
Of all the words unspoken
Of the touch unfelt
Of the heart unhealed.

The mind now drifts away
Living a soulless life,
The hands are tied up;
Agonies and memories
Pierces the heart like a knife.

As I lay another night
Watching the vast sky,
Waiting outside my door;
Footsteps I hear all along
But never they come to my door.

Clinging on to the faith I have
The light shines bright on the floor;
Awaiting miracles, Breathing Hope ;
At a time, Living one day more.

By your side..

Waking up by your side,

All I can feel is the warmth of your skin;

And those timeless moments

Makes me blush like a new coy bride.

My eyes are closed,

Footsteps ringing in my ear,

Fresh out of bath you come

I can feel heaven right here.

Fragrance of your cologne all around

Takes me to the meadows of my dreamland,

Daffodils and roses spread across lush green land

Let this dream never never end.

Alas, I wake up

Ready for the day ahead;

The heart longs for the night sky

The moons and the stars shimmering high;

To come back home where my heart is

Let time freeze here

The soul wishes this.

Love these days…….

Love is something inevitable that no one can escape from. It only has different forms, different styles and different means to express.

As my wandering soul takes me to the mountains, i encounter lovers of all kinds during these travel journeys. Trying to post here some of my captures of two souls in Love. My collection herein features random people i have met in my journeys while backpacking across North India, mainly in the beautiful hills of Manali and Mussorie.

Eat your Heart out!

Eat your Heart out 🙂 A couple shot in a cafe in Manali. Sometimes food binds the stomach, heart and Soul together 🙂

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If Forever it is, it must be You.

Lost in time, as days passed by
Not a day failed
Not a sole moment left untouched ;
When the thoughts didn’t run through the mind
When the eyes didn’t gleam with images
When the heart desired none but you
When the senses lost its control truly;
If Forever it is, it must be You.

The thoughts linger on
Emotions fiddling through me
When would the paths entwine
Another day, yet another time;
Holding on to each other
Hear what the heart beats for
Of words unspoken, of love unfelt,
Of desires untold, of memories forever,
Of tales of faith, of ethereal happiness,
Until the end of time, undying.
Of Forever, and Ever.

If Forever it is, it must be You.

Not a Delhi boy, Thank You!

Coming from a sleepy city Guwahati, getting lost amidst the maddening crowds of Mumbai and Bengaluru, iv had my own taste of bitter medicine dating a Delhi boy.  Aah the perks of it. Such a bittersweet experience , im tempted to pen down a few lines on it. 🙂

Yes, im trying to be the Taylor Swift here penning my own rules of not dating again a Delhi boy in memory of You-know-Who!!

Ok,so you like Rajma chawal and types. Unfortunately, my stomach cant digest it. Just like the way my blood has become Sambhar +++ after staying in bengaluru, my belly too is addicted to good food (read-fish,pork,chicken). How to live with a person whose life revolves around bhindi, paneer and its different tastes. If you can’t differentiate my love for Rohu & Katla  , its definitely a dish gone wrong. Aah yes we do love your gajar ka halwa and gujiyas, but my rosogolla and pithas are equally mouth watering. Someone truly said, there is no love more dearer than the love of food.

So you completely adore festivals like Holi & Diwali. Well so do we. But because you can’t reason why Bihu and Durga puja is also so very important to us, it’s irrelevant to argue your culture is richer than mine.  And no we don’t show-off with palates of food (umm, veg only,aiyoo!!!) or cash-rich drinks and not to forget the too-many-in-a-room gathering ; well but our festivals are well spent with family gatherings and close knit friends. You see we necessarily don’t show off our love, we genuinely feel the Love.

You never seem to surprise me with variations in your vocabulary. From ‘Bacha’ to ‘beta’ to ’bhabhi jee’; the pouring of oh-so-sweet words by you and your people is heartwarming. And the moment I step out on your roads, my ears are pained by the profane oath your men and women have taken. Its like how the sugary sweetness gets dissolved in the extreme essence of your profanity. Where is the Love and etiquette gone? Such a pride for people living in the so called capital city. Tch Tch !!

Yes, so you claim how your city is rich in history and full of monuments & minars. What a delight to watch! Agreed, but please do visit my city to feel the difference. What would I do in the scorching heat of your home when I have greenery all around my place. How do I breathe dusty air when I have fresh raindrops on my window panes around the year.  Lets not talk about the people because you will never find more friendly hospitable people anywhere except in my part of the country. Yes maybe your girls have more of white skin but lets not forget the black color of the hearts , unlike ours.

And what is the point of writing all of these if I don’t mention LOVE. So you drive a merc and race around the streets of Delhi. Maybe you mistook Love as another one of your many games. Coz you played so hard, you won only the round, not the game.  For we might not have big roads like yours, but surely your heart has big potholes like ours. ………


Farewell speech of Sachin Tendulkar , God of Cricket.


Sachin Tendulkar : “All my friends, settle down let me talk, I’ll get more and more emotional. “My life between 22 yards in the 24 years, it’s hard to believe that it’s coming to an end. I would like to thank all the people who have helped me in my life to get here. I have a list in my hand, please forgive me if I miss out on a few names. First, my father, he passed away in 1999. He was very key for my career. he gave me freedom, chase your dreams and don’t find shortcuts. He also told me to be a nice human being. My mother, I don’t how she dealt with such a naughty like guy me. She took care of me to be healthy. She started praying for me even before I started my career and I think those prayers gave my strength. In my school days , I used to stay with my uncle and aunt as my school was far away . They treated me like their son. They gave me enough food that I can play well. My eldest brother, he used to tell me, I know you’d do everything right and I have the confidence in you. My sister, she gave my the first bat for me. A Kashmir Willow bat. She continues to fast when I bat. Ajit , I don’t what do I talk about him. It all started from the age of 11, he took to Achrekar sir my coach. And my life changed. Even last night, he called me and we were discussing my dismissal. Various things we agreed upon, my technique. I have had a lot of chat with him. If I had not done that, I would have been a lesser cricketer . The most important one in 1991, I met my wife Anjali . I know she was a doctor. When we decided to make it a family, she said, you continue with your cricket and I’ll take care of the family. Without that I think I couldn’t have played so much cricket. Thank you for all that you’ve done and it is the best partnership I’ve had in my life. Then Sara and Arjun are two precious diamonds in my life. Daughter is 16 and son is 14, time has flown by. I wasn’t able to be with them for the birthdays , annaul days and stuff. Thanks for understanding all that, both of you have been so special to me. I’ve not spent enough time with you but I promise you the rest is for you. My in-laws have been supporting. I discuss various things with them, we have a strong family and thank you for allowing me to marry Anjali . There have been a lot of friends who have supported me. Leaving their work and coming to bowl at me when I called them. I thought my career was over when I was injured, by my friends called even at 3 AM and made me believe that it was not over . My career started at 11. My brother took me to Achrekar sir and that is the best to have happened to me. Sir would be taking me on his scooter all over Mumbai to ensure that I get enough match practice. On a lighter note, he’s never said well played to me so that I don’t get complacent.”
“My cricket started right here at this ground. The dream was obviously to play for India. BCCI was fantastic , they believed my at the of 16 years and selected me. Thanks for the support and the freedom, without that this couldn’t have happened. I have played with many senior cricketers , thanks to everyone for helping me out. I see, Rahul, Laxman , Sourav and my teamates, you guys are like my family. It is going to be difficult without that dressing room, sharing those special moments.”
“When Dhoni gave me the 200th Test cap, I just said, we are all proud to be here as a team and I believe that you guys will take care of this country in the right spirit to the best of our abilities. I believe in you and all the best for your future. Thanks to all the doctors, physios , without your special efforts , I couldn’t have been fit. I don’t know how you all kept me in good shape. My dear friend, late Mark Mascerenhas, my first manager. Without him I couldn’t have achieved all this. All those sponsorship deals etc.. thanks for your support. I miss you. My manager Vinod Naidu, he’s more like my family. He’s given me so much time leaving his family to work with him. In the school days when I played well, the media backed be a lot. You’ve been doing that till now. Thank you to all of you, all those photographers. Those moments will remain with me for the career. I thank all the people who supported me a lot. Whether I scored a 0 or a 100. I’ve met a lot of people who does all sorts of things for me, thank you for all that you’ve done. Especially, “Sachin… Sachin..” that will be ringing in my ears till I breath. GOODBYE ”


Memoirs of Thailand.

Its been a long wait. And the beginning of a long awaited journey can only be sweetened by its very experience. A place I had always dreamt of going to someday .To soak in the sun, splash in the water, play in the sand, merry amongst its people.

Amazing Thailand, Such an enriching experience .

Rich cultural extravaganza of myriad colors, beautiful people ,exquisite food, breathtaking sceneries ,unlimited fun.Its like a small paradise on earth.

Be it the clean green beaches enticing people of all ages, the romantic moonlit walks by the shacks, a drink or two in the beach facing shacks, dancing in the  ultra modern pubs till the wee hours of morning, the ever busy shopping hubs, or as a matter- of- fact meeting a whole lot of Indians everywhere 🙂 .Thailand would create an ever lasting impression on anyone.Image

One of all-time favorite tourist attractions is the mesmerizing Phi Phi island where the green waters take your breath away . You get swayed away by the breeze, the water sweeps you off your feet literally. The fishes welcome you everywhere, nibbling at your feet and generously gulping all the fish food fed to them by the visitors to their wonderful country. The vibrant fishes not only present a picturesque ambience but also fulfill your heart with unmatched delight.  The adventurous can have a lifetime of fun memories with the water sports activities around the beaches.  Snorkeling, cliff diving, scuba diving , banana boat rides, surfing being some of the popular activities.We had missed Para-sailing on the beaches when we went. Next time, that would be surely on my to-do-checklist.

Phuket is a mixture of tranquility and fun. A long stroll on the beach upfront, the curved roads along the coastline, the strong winds on the sea shore, the dimly lit shacks on the beach, the gaga pubs in the crooked streets- one can choose one’s  favorite spot as per his/her taste.An evening eating out in the finest restaurants or gobbling on street food with live bands on the streets- it offers a platter of colorful choices. From happening nightlife (Read: Bangla road 😀 ) to real boxing fights one can have exciting and well spent evenings there.


Bangkok, on the other hand is truly called the City of Life. The city never sleeps and you can rejoice in its fanfare through the numerous hangouts at major roads, the vibrating nightlife, the wonderful rooftop bars and lounges and the ever jam-packed shopping markets. Culturally rich, the various temples are an exquisite sight to behold. The rich heritage is evident in the gorgeous traditional architectures of the palaces and temples.

The heritage is well preserved and an aura of faith overpowers one when you enter a sacred temple and bow your head to the reigning almighty, Lord Buddha. The monks, the prayer houses, the aroma of the incense’s-the whole experience is truly inspiring to ones soul. The grand décor and environment uplifts your soul and mind.Image

Another major attraction are the traditional floating markets which have been renovated and well maintained to give the modern people a peek at the past. Around a century back when roads were not built, the locals used to trade via small boats in the abundant waterways available in this beautiful country. A part of that tradition has been carried forward in these traditional floating markets which can be found on the outskirts of the city.


For people who love to shop and dine, Bangkok is THE city.  From traditional handicrafts to the richest gems in the world, from  the major high-end brands to the local markets, one can shop to ones  desire and pocket capacity. It is advised to check the authenticity of certain electronic products which can be bought at a comparatively low price after a good bargain.  When it comes to food, the best bet would be to taste the local flavors available at roadside stalls. The local “Singha” beer is quite a rage and a popular pick too. When in Thailand, seafood is a must for your taste buds and one can choose from various options available. Different kinds of fish, lobsters, crabs, oysters will fill your heart and stomach with delight.  The rooftop bars and lounges in the city would be suitable for a formal family dinner or   romanticizing in the moonlight while enjoying an awesome view of the city.

Thailand is truly a beautiful country.  The more you explore, the more you get attached with its rich and inspiring flavors.

As Rumi said-“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”  Thailand surely is an epitome to that.

I believe in the saying ‘To travel is to Live’. And life has just got more beautiful in this heavenly land.

“Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.”


In front of the person you Love, your heart beats faster

In front of the person you like, you are happy.


In front of the person you Love, winter seems like spring

In front of the person you like, winter is just a beautiful winter


You look into the eyes of the one you Love, you blush

You look into the eyes of the one you like, you smile.


In front of the person you Love, you can’t say anything on your mind

In front of the person you like, you can!


You don’t look straight into the eyes of the one you Love, but you can always smile into the eyes of the one you like.


When the one you Love is crying, you cry with them

But when the one you like is crying, you end up comforting.


Feelings of Love starts from the eye


Feelings of like starts from the ear……


If you stop liking a person you used to like-all you need to do is just cover your ears;


If you try to close your eyes Love turns into drops of tear and remains in your heart    forever after……

The Pursuit of (Matches…err) Happiness

After six long months of hard work, staying alive on street food, missing the purest form of love of close family and pet dog, I, or anyone for that matter, would love to go and unwind and relax to one place on Earth that is close to paradise, HOME.  I had always loved my short breaks at home. A week’s off was never enough.

Until things started changing a year back. And took away those longings of mine.  When the only topic surrounding  everyone at home  was “me”. And no, definitely not in a way I liked.  

When I was officially declared and deemed fit for the holiest institution of marriage. And since then the pursuit of happiness (Read “A suitable Boy”) had started. 🙂 The whole process is just exhausting (for me), hilarious( again for me) and sometimes just plain irritating.   My loving family, genuine well-wishers, ready-to-dance-at-wedding cousins, ready- to- jump- to- help friends, unknown relatives , nosy neighbours, women at workplace –everyone’s wish is to see I tie the knot soon. I frankly have no idea how my- life- changing- event would or if ever will impact their lives as well. Its like the whole world is conspiring against me . :p  

Just wonder if this pursuing is fair to me or anyone else. Or is it the peer pressure.  My facebook updates are all about people getting engaged, married and even having babies. Good lord, I wish to have a family like that too, but someday, when I find Love again. When I find a true Soulmate. No it doesn’t sound cliché`.  If I need to pursue this, it will be for my happiness. This would be my Lifelong friend and companion sharing my life and my dreams. And not the one suggested by Pinky aunty! Or for that matter the guy who was matched by one of the portals and looking for a quickie !  Its funny how guys at one point of life run away from girls to pursue their dreams and careers and all of a sudden realize time (age) is running out and settle for the first girl they are matched with! Not to put up with the ordeals of knowing someone in one meeting, pretending of being aaah- so- good- to- bring- home ! The list is endless….

As my best friend jokingly puts it-“What do you mean by Pursuing?” Apparently he is not aware of the ‘use’ or ‘advantage’ of it (marriage). Or how that classifies as pursuit of ‘Happiness’ in his words…. ROFL. (He will have his time too, one day. ) 🙂

Till then, I can pursue  things I love and which gives me happiness. Like heading home next week . To meet Lucky .To Love Maa . To sharing dreams with my sister(s).

And to meet no one. Thank god for that!!