White Lie

Kiss me tender
Came a whisper,
Lost was she in his embrace,
Soft murmurings across the lawn heard,
As the moonlight dazzled on her face.

Her musk made his heart skip,
Her smile piercing through it,
Sweeping aside her gentle curls, said he;
Leave me never, my love,
This I shall promise thee.

Time flew in a rush.
The night came to an end.
Their lips kissed for one last time
And she drove off the highway bend.

His thoughts kept coming back
Torturing her soul day and night;
Wondering where fate leads them
This was a love of a different kind.

Tossing and turning in his bed,
Staring at the ceiling high;
Restless was his mind, the heart grieving;
A glance at his wife in the far corner
Realizing how they had lost it all the way;
She was beautiful in his mind still today
The mother of his child to say;
Pity, his heart was so distant
Since that day, since the other night.

Torn between his love and duties,
He lay down and heaved a sigh;
Senses dimming, heart beats torn
Teardrops pouring down his eye.
Waiting , and wasting his life,
The hurt went on and on,
Living this life a white lie,
SHE stung his soul
With memories galore until it dies.


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