As I lay hurting,
As days pass silently,
The nights spent crying,
Those moments etched in my mind forever,
Feeling hurt and helpless;
I look upon the night sky
The stars that we looked upon
The roads travelled together
Walking hand-in-hand.

The wind now blows in a different direction
The memories fade away slowly,
The heartache still intense
The mind searching for answers—
Of all the questions unanswered
Of all the words unspoken
Of the touch unfelt
Of the heart unhealed.

The mind now drifts away
Living a soulless life,
The hands are tied up;
Agonies and memories
Pierces the heart like a knife.

As I lay another night
Watching the vast sky,
Waiting outside my door;
Footsteps I hear all along
But never they come to my door.

Clinging on to the faith I have
The light shines bright on the floor;
Awaiting miracles, Breathing Hope ;
At a time, Living one day more.


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