Not a Delhi boy, Thank You!

Coming from a sleepy city Guwahati, getting lost amidst the maddening crowds of Mumbai and Bengaluru, iv had my own taste of bitter medicine dating a Delhi boy.  Aah the perks of it. Such a bittersweet experience , im tempted to pen down a few lines on it. 🙂

Yes, im trying to be the Taylor Swift here penning my own rules of not dating again a Delhi boy in memory of You-know-Who!!

Ok,so you like Rajma chawal and types. Unfortunately, my stomach cant digest it. Just like the way my blood has become Sambhar +++ after staying in bengaluru, my belly too is addicted to good food (read-fish,pork,chicken). How to live with a person whose life revolves around bhindi, paneer and its different tastes. If you can’t differentiate my love for Rohu & Katla  , its definitely a dish gone wrong. Aah yes we do love your gajar ka halwa and gujiyas, but my rosogolla and pithas are equally mouth watering. Someone truly said, there is no love more dearer than the love of food.

So you completely adore festivals like Holi & Diwali. Well so do we. But because you can’t reason why Bihu and Durga puja is also so very important to us, it’s irrelevant to argue your culture is richer than mine.  And no we don’t show-off with palates of food (umm, veg only,aiyoo!!!) or cash-rich drinks and not to forget the too-many-in-a-room gathering ; well but our festivals are well spent with family gatherings and close knit friends. You see we necessarily don’t show off our love, we genuinely feel the Love.

You never seem to surprise me with variations in your vocabulary. From ‘Bacha’ to ‘beta’ to ’bhabhi jee’; the pouring of oh-so-sweet words by you and your people is heartwarming. And the moment I step out on your roads, my ears are pained by the profane oath your men and women have taken. Its like how the sugary sweetness gets dissolved in the extreme essence of your profanity. Where is the Love and etiquette gone? Such a pride for people living in the so called capital city. Tch Tch !!

Yes, so you claim how your city is rich in history and full of monuments & minars. What a delight to watch! Agreed, but please do visit my city to feel the difference. What would I do in the scorching heat of your home when I have greenery all around my place. How do I breathe dusty air when I have fresh raindrops on my window panes around the year.  Lets not talk about the people because you will never find more friendly hospitable people anywhere except in my part of the country. Yes maybe your girls have more of white skin but lets not forget the black color of the hearts , unlike ours.

And what is the point of writing all of these if I don’t mention LOVE. So you drive a merc and race around the streets of Delhi. Maybe you mistook Love as another one of your many games. Coz you played so hard, you won only the round, not the game.  For we might not have big roads like yours, but surely your heart has big potholes like ours. ………