The Pursuit of (Matches…err) Happiness

After six long months of hard work, staying alive on street food, missing the purest form of love of close family and pet dog, I, or anyone for that matter, would love to go and unwind and relax to one place on Earth that is close to paradise, HOME.  I had always loved my short breaks at home. A week’s off was never enough.

Until things started changing a year back. And took away those longings of mine.  When the only topic surrounding  everyone at home  was “me”. And no, definitely not in a way I liked.  

When I was officially declared and deemed fit for the holiest institution of marriage. And since then the pursuit of happiness (Read “A suitable Boy”) had started. 🙂 The whole process is just exhausting (for me), hilarious( again for me) and sometimes just plain irritating.   My loving family, genuine well-wishers, ready-to-dance-at-wedding cousins, ready- to- jump- to- help friends, unknown relatives , nosy neighbours, women at workplace –everyone’s wish is to see I tie the knot soon. I frankly have no idea how my- life- changing- event would or if ever will impact their lives as well. Its like the whole world is conspiring against me . :p  

Just wonder if this pursuing is fair to me or anyone else. Or is it the peer pressure.  My facebook updates are all about people getting engaged, married and even having babies. Good lord, I wish to have a family like that too, but someday, when I find Love again. When I find a true Soulmate. No it doesn’t sound cliché`.  If I need to pursue this, it will be for my happiness. This would be my Lifelong friend and companion sharing my life and my dreams. And not the one suggested by Pinky aunty! Or for that matter the guy who was matched by one of the portals and looking for a quickie !  Its funny how guys at one point of life run away from girls to pursue their dreams and careers and all of a sudden realize time (age) is running out and settle for the first girl they are matched with! Not to put up with the ordeals of knowing someone in one meeting, pretending of being aaah- so- good- to- bring- home ! The list is endless….

As my best friend jokingly puts it-“What do you mean by Pursuing?” Apparently he is not aware of the ‘use’ or ‘advantage’ of it (marriage). Or how that classifies as pursuit of ‘Happiness’ in his words…. ROFL. (He will have his time too, one day. ) 🙂

Till then, I can pursue  things I love and which gives me happiness. Like heading home next week . To meet Lucky .To Love Maa . To sharing dreams with my sister(s).

And to meet no one. Thank god for that!!