When I Met You,

I thought this was it;

You came like a flash,

And blew me off my feet.


Remember the night,

When we first kissed;

Your touch,your warmth

Let the feeling stay,is all I just wished.


The memories remain,

Your fragrance lingers on,

The heart still flutters

The thoughts grow on.


And I sense a change,

A change is on the way,

So they say ,

Bringing  back the good old days.


The Rains start falling,

The Leaves are blowing;

The birds are singing,

The Wind is whispering.



The heart beats,

The smile beams;

The soul stirs, the face glows

From the corner of my eye,a tear flows.


Wishes unfold,Happiness stays;

You are here, Stay Forever;

Forever,the heart prays…..